Worcester Locomotive Society
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Worcester Locomotive Society Sales
The Society relies heavily on the Sales stand to raise the funds needed to restore its collection of historic rolling stock.
We have a constantly varying stock of items available for sale on Ebay.  Please search for Worcester Locomotive Society to find our items or contact any Committee Member
Sales Items available from The Worcester Locomotive Society
S1-RWB-Signal-Duster.jpg (93684 bytes)
Signalmans Duster - Red, White and Blue
S2-BW-Signal-Duster.jpg (102102 bytes)
Signalmans Duster - White and Blue
S3-Enginemens-Tea-Caddy-Clo.jpg (99720 bytes)
S3-Enginemens-Tea-Caddy-Ope.jpg (101730 bytes)
Enginemans Tea Caddy
S5-85A-Lapel-Badge.jpg (100588 bytes)
Brass Shed Code lapel Badges - 85A, 85C and (possibly) 83B and 83D
Class 35 Hymek                                  South Devon Railway