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Ex British Railways 16 Ton Mineral Wagon B550179
T-16T-5-T.jpg (3042 bytes) Signwriting still legible seven years after the wagon's extensive restoration
T-16T-4-T.jpg (3054 bytes) Here it is stabled in the bay at Totnes during October 2017 After many photo charters and seven years weathering B550179 is looking a little weather beaten but is still basically sound and in occasional use on photo charters and the occasional demonstration goods train.
T-16T-3.jpg (3094 bytes) ...... and off we go with 5786 providing the motive power.
T-16T-2.jpg (3303 bytes)  

After a huge amount of effort by a small band of truly dedicated volunteers here is the end product.  April 2010.  Well done guys, an impressive restoration.

We're trying to find time to create a full photographic record of the restoration for the web site.  We have all the images and information.  All we need is time!

T-200301019.jpg (3003 bytes)

Ex British Railways 16 Ton Mineral wagon B550179

This wagon was donated to the Worcester Locomotive Society and will be subject to a full overhaul

Class 35 Hymek                                  South Devon Railway