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Ex British Railways Wickham Petrol Railcar 6646 / B6W /  PWM 3767
This Railcar is based at Buckfastleigh on the South Devon Railway.

Technical: Ford four cylinder side valve engine and ford three speed gearbox (plus reverse).

Potted history:  Delivered from the Wickham factory in Ware, Hertfordshire between 15th and 22nd May 1953 to Exeter St David's our Wickham is a Number 27 Mk lll. Wickham 6646 was allocated the British Railways running number B6W. It never wandered far but made it up the bank to the Southern Region at Exeter Central. Renumbered as PWM 3767 it was eventually withdrawn in February 1972.   It somehow made its way to Prossers scrapyard in Worcester where it was spotted by a WLS member.  It was purchased intact and delivered to Hereford where it was re-railed on 3rd March 1972.  With a new battery, silencer and some cosmetic paintwork repairs it was reported as fully restored by summer 1974
2-3-3-T.jpg (3306 bytes) Following extensive mechanical restoration the Societies Wickham Trolley was in use during the 2016 Members Day on the South Devon railway where it ran the full length of the line giving members a bumpy but exhilarating ride - 1st October 2016
2-3-4-T.jpg (3058 bytes) Here it is again just collecting the token for a trip to Staverton where it will be looped to allow the service train to pass - 1st October 2016
2-3-5-T.jpg (3354 bytes) First new photograph for many years shows the Wickham stored in Buckfastleigh yard after extensive use by the SCR Permanent Way Team on 6th May 2023
Class 35 Hymek                                  South Devon Railway