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Section 4-3 Beyer Peacock Literature

I am most grateful to Richard Phelps of Stoke Gifford, Bristol who forwarded the following document to me for inclusion on this web site. 

The original document will be on display in the Railway Museum at Buckfastleigh on the South Devon Railway

Please click on a thumbnail image to download a larger copy.

HLT-1.jpg (3068 bytes) HLT-2.jpg (1903 bytes) HLT-3.jpg (2003 bytes) HLT-4.jpg (3065 bytes)
HLT-5.jpg (2992 bytes) HLT-6.jpg (3039 bytes) HLT-7.jpg (2996 bytes) HLT-8.jpg (2665 bytes)
HLT-9.jpg (3058 bytes) HLT-10.jpg (3059 bytes) HLT-11.jpg (3065 bytes) HLT-12.jpg (3046 bytes)
HLT-13.jpg (3008 bytes)  
What is most interesting is the fact that the cover declares "95 of these locomotives are in course of delivery"
The final increase of the order quantity to 101 was made in December 1961 obviously after this document was printed
I suspect this document was part of a plan to obtain further orders for Hymek type locomotives.  Any Ideas?

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