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Section 2 - Personalised E-Mail Addresses

Available for just 5.00 for TWO YEARS

We can offer personalised E-Mail forwarding addresses to you with the following extensions:


1 Think of the name you would like

2 E-Mail this name to wls@worcesterlocomotivesociety.co.uk

3 We will reply with either confirmation or suggest possible alternative names

4 If you are satisfied with the name then reply confirming this fact to the E-Mail address given

5 Payment details will then be forwarded to you at your new E-Mail address

6 Your new E-Mail address will be live from that moment on

7 If you are satisfied then post a cheque to the address given

8 Your existing E-Mail account name will still be available

9 Advise all your contacts of your new E-mail address and update your “Reply to” fields



1 Strictly first come first served

2 No foul or obscene names allowed

3 No limit to the number of names issued to any individual or organisation

4 Renewal notices will be sent to the E-Mail address concerned 28 days BEFORE expiry

5 E-Mail addresses will remain live until 28 days AFTER payment is due

6 Expired names may be reissued after a further 28 days have elapsed

7 This service will remain available unless altered by factors outside our control

8 Worcester Locomotive Society reserve the right to withdraw any contentious name

9 A 100% refund will be made in the event of the above rule (8) being invoked



1 All funds raised will be used for the restoration of Worcester Locomotive Society rolling stock

2 Financial details will be included in the annual figures of Worcester Locomotive Society Limited

3 It should be recognised that this service is operated on an unpaid volunteer basis

4 Any misdirected/mistyped E-Mails will be returned to the originator with a covering note

5 All E-Mails remain private UNLESS misdirected/mistyped as 4 above

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