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Section 1 - Introduction

The Hymek was undoubtedly the most successful of the British Railways Western Region diesel hydraulic locomotives.  By ordering diesel hydraulic locomotives the Western Region was labelled as “quirky” and determined to retain some unique identity by just having to be different.  When the opportunity arose this individualism was to be ruthlessly exterminated in the name of standardisation.

Now, just a few years later, hydraulic transmission is regarded as “State of the Art” and applied wherever possible.  Sadly though only to multiple units and not to high powered locomotives.

The stable mates of the Hymek were to include some famous locomotive types and probably the best bargains industrial railways were ever able to acquire.

Warship Class Locomotives

 D601 – D604

 D800 – D870

Western Class Locomotives

        D1000 – D1073

Baby Warship Class

       D6300 – D6357

D95xx Class Locomotives

D9500 – D9555

 I’ll take just a moment to quantify “successful”.

 Hymeks:   Introduced 1961 – Withdrawn 1975 = 14 Years service

 Brush Type 4:   Introduced 1962 – Some still in service 2024 = 62 Years service


and Remember .......... that’s from a Hymek Enthusiast!

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